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About the Webtop

The Webtop is a proof of concept light-weight web client that was originaly created to help co-workers access intranet sites. The concept was to create a virtual desktop with jQuery. It then grew to the new site design of Tonic1394.com. After recieving feedback on the original design, the site was tweaked to make it easier for people un-familiar with a desktop to use (read: given a sitemap that wasn't buried in the menu system of the webtop).


If you don't want to use the webtop, you don't have too, you can use the site-map on the right. Thanks for stopping by, if you are interested in the webtop and other web technologies, you can check out the E-Com DevBlog by clicking here.

About Tonic1394.com

Tonic1394.com has been around for several years, it spent a few as a blog, a couple as a forum, and quite a bit of time as nothing but dead web-space. Updates aren't terribly common here, but they are drastic. Currently Tonic1394.com serves as a hub between other sites and projects. It also serves as a place for the site creator to spend some time refining new web technologies.